Roof Repairs

Three County Roofing takes pride in its wealth of experience, providing expert roofing repair and maintenance services. Our expert team of roofers are skilled in supplying turnkey solutions based around the needs of the customer. When it comes to roofing repairs and maintenance, it is an important subject which should not be taken lightly and should only ever be delivered by skilled professionals. Over extended periods of time, roofing surfaces will break down due to temperature changes, weathering and all of the elements in general.

We are privileged to be able to offer numerous proprietary maintenance and repair services through out Gloucestershire & Forest of Dean to keep your roof in superior condition throughout the year. What are some of the benefits that you can expect when working together with our team of experts?


Common roof problems



Leaking roofs can be caused by an array of factors. Commonly, water ingress first occurs at interface points. The list below, although not exhaustive, aims to provide an insight into some of the most common problems that may cause a roof to leak.

  • Chimney stacks | Leaks around chimney stacks are common. Usually, porous masonry or failure of lead flashings, aprons or back gutters is the cause. Our teams are equipped to assist with all lead flashing and chimney repairs.
  • Lead Valleys | Often, lead valley linings cause water ingress into properties. Further, failure of mortar at the valley margins can also be responsible. Our teams can undertake complete valley replacements or welded lead repairs. The best method for repair will be identified at point of survey.
  • Broken slates or tiles | On older roof areas, broken slates or roof tiles can be responsible for water penetration. Tile and slate repairs are an integral part of the work that we undertake to repair roofs.
  • Bay windows, Lead Bays | Bay windows, often found on Victorian terraced properties, are a common source of water ingress. usually, due to the length of mite that they have been installed, it is best practice to consider replacing them. Our teams of skilled headworkers carry out lead bay window repairs and replacements on a regular basis.
  • Blocked Gutters or fall pipes | A common issue which can cause a significant amount of water ingress. Blocked guttering and fall pipes can allow water to build up and find its way into your property. Routine maintenance is key to ensuring that your gutters and fall pipes run freely.
  • Lead Gutters | Often, leaks in lead gutters are due to cracks or splits in the lead due to fatigue of the material over time. Remember, lead is a metal and expands and contracts with temperature fluctuations. Such thermal movement  can cause splits to appear and allow water to penetrate the lead. Repairs can be carried out using lead welding equipment or, if the issues are more serious, replacement of the lead gutter lining may be needed.